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Bridal Expo Fashion Show

Elegance Woman

My recent collaboration with the TV Host and Media Influencer : Lulu.Alaslawi
Photography and Art Direction: Kotb Studio
Managed by: Esraa Awwed
Dress by: Makalos Boutique
Location: the palms beach hotel
Makeup & Hair: Thepalmssalon

Flowers Beauty

Videography: Sherif kotb
MUA & Stylist : Kholoud Abdel Fattah
Art Director : Nour Allh
Model : Anastaciya Bemiyeh

Izia sisley

Hera Boutique

Oriental Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes


Bridal Expo

Bridal Expo


Maison de Parfum - PARIS

Elizabeth Arden Parfum

Oriental Perfumes 2

Maison de Parfum - PARIS 2

Lily Perfume

Oriental Perfumes 3

Indian Fashion Hena - behind the scenes

Noor Allh : Hena
Makeup Artist : Mona Esmail
Assistant Makeup : Radwa - Rahma
Photographer and Art Director : Sherif Kotb
Assistant photographer : Romany - Ahmed
Videography : Mohamad Hussain - Yasser Abdallah
Edit Video : Sherif Kotb
Hair Dresser : Hesham

Hair Dresser : Hamo Mohsen
Fashion Designer : Heba Edris
Make up Artist : Kholoud Abdel Fattah
Photography - Art Director : Sherif Kotb
Model : Mariya

Autumn Beauty Short Film
videography and editing : Sherif kotb
MUA & Stylist : Kholoud Abdul Fattah
Art Director : Nour Allh
Hair Dresser : Kholoud's Team Work
Model : Anastaciya Bemiyeh
Location : Kotb Studio